{5 Days of Halloween 2014}


{ 5 Days of Halloween} Decorating Pumpkins

How cute is this pumpkin????? Covered in chalkboard paint….kids would love this
 Photo and tutorial from Country Living
 Chalkboard Spray Painted Pumpkin

Use chalkbaord spray paint and a white chalk marker to decorate your pumpkin. Click the link above the view the entire tutorial but the shopping list is pretty easy:

1. Buy a pumpkin (either a pumpkin from the farm–of course you should clean it before decorating, or a pumpkin from a craft store like Joann’s or Michaels which are easy to carve and decorate)

2.  Chalkboard spray paint and white chalk marker ($3 or $4 each) – can be purchased from The Home Depot or Lowe’s

Dripping Paint Pumpkin
 Photo and tutorial from House of Joy
Use a faux craft pumpkin, or a real pumpkin, and paint with acrylic craft paint. Click the link above the view the entire tutorial but this shopping list is pretty easy also:
 1. Pumpkin
 2. Acrylic craft paint
 3. Paint brush
 4. Acrylic letters
Glitter Pumpkins
Photo and Tutorial from Martha Stewart
Supplies needed:
1. Medium-size paintbrush
2. White glue
3. Small pumpkin
4. Paper plate or a sheet of newspaper
5. Glitter
6. Brown acrylic paint

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